Disasters of ford pinto essay

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Disasters of ford pinto essay

Disasters of ford pinto essay

Savar Garment Factory Collapse, Bangladesh, Acceptable sources include the following: Complete definitions and descriptions of these sources will be provided in the lectures. How to locate sources Our University of Regina Library provides instruction and assistance in locating academic sources.

The university has a number of search engines available and can provide students with free access to many academic journals and e-books. In addition, basic online searches e. Source location will be discussed in greater detail in class.

Task 3 Formatting Guidelines The items presented below describe the format and style you are to employ for this paper. Do not provide a title page for this paper. Place the name and number of the assignment, your name and the date of submission, and the title of your paper at the top of the first page of the paper.

Do not provide a Table of Contents for this paper. Be concise, do not make the mistake of using a narrative literary story style. Do not write in the first person e. If you employ tables, or figures in the paper follow the guidelines presented in writing tips 6 available on the course homepage.

You do not require lists of tables and figures for a paper that is this short. It should include the following items described below in the introductory section of your paper. Once you have read about the disaster you should feel comfortable about the sorts of questions you can effectively answer.

It is often useful to select one main question along with two or three subsidiary questions.

Disasters of ford pinto essay

A suitable question for many papers might be: What were the flaws in engineering design that led to this disaster? Conceptual clarification Your research questions should be followed by a section on concept clarification.

You should also define any technical terms that feature prominently in the paper and may not be understood by your audience. Methodological statement You must include a statement indicating the methodology you employed to answer your research question.

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In the case of this paper the methodology will be a brief assessment of the literature or a literature review. If your paper focus on a few sources, they should be cited in your methodological statement.

Analysis section The analysis section should be the longest part of your paper. Background statement You can begin your analysis section with a very brief overview of the basic, undisputed facts that describe the disaster.

You might describe the structures involved, the date they were completed, when they failed, how many people were killed or injured if any and perhaps the economic and other social costs of the disaster. For a paper that is this short your background statement should be no more than two paragraphs in length.

Argument points The bulk of the analysis section involves your effort to present points which help to answer your research question. Each of the points you make should be supported by evidence provided by one of your sources and be supported by a citation and reference for the citation.

You should logically explain how the point you make helps answer your question s. There should be one or more points made for each of your questions. Disputes and alternatives If you run across disputed evidence or examples of alternative explanations for your questions, you should indicate as much in the text of your paper.

Some writers add a discussion section at the end of their analysis to summarize their findings, assess alternative arguments and tie up loose ends.The Banger is going to be restored to racing status with a few minor changes: it’ll have small head and tail lights and a license plate holder in the rear (AZ doesn’t have front plates).

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28 August — Congratulations to M ark Rice (' 14) on the publication of his new book, Making Machu Picchu: The Politics of Trouism in 20th-century Peru (University of North Carolina Press, ). Mark is Assistant Professor of Latin American History at Baruch College. Pinto Madness A Mother Jones Classic: For seven years the Ford Motor Company sold cars in which it knew hundreds of people would needlessly burn to death.

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Disaster Assessment Compared to the national average, York County has an extremely lower risk of earthquake damage than the rest of the country.

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