Essay on problem of indiscipline in youth

Other indiscipline is a general operation among young people. Amit english ne ta bipta pai hai.!!!! Malaysia causes of indiscipline in schools is not only cause of parental guidence but also include influences from member,bad influences that and also have a bad of influences from a peer group. Other i am a nigerian.

Essay on problem of indiscipline in youth

In examinations, they insist on copying. If any invigilator checks them he is threatened. All this clearly proves that our students are indiscipline. There are many other causes of indiscipline. The most important one is the political cause. Students were encouraged by our leaders to take part in the freedom struggle.

They followed all the methods that were useful for this end. Now they use those very methods against their elders, whenever attempts are made at disciplining them.

Besides this, the various political parties make use of students for their own ends. For example, students were used as tools in Gujrat, Punjab, Assam and Bihar. Indeed, politics is the most important cause of student indiscipline to-day. Our-education does not suit many of the students.

They do not find of any use. They fail to get suitable jobs after completing their education. This makes them unhappy. So they behave in an indiscipline way.

There is no personal touch between teachers and students. Classes are generally over-crowded. So students do not learn many things which they ought to learn from their teachers.

Moreover, the educational institutions have become a means of giving employment to the unemployed. Even people who have no taste for teaching take to this profession.


In society, immature youngsters find their elders behaving in an indiscipline way. As they see so they do. Many things which they see in cinemas, they practice in the class room. In fact, social conditions are responsible for student indiscipline all round.

They must be taught to shun violence and cultivate the spirit of harmony. They must learn to respect the religious views and principles of each other. This would improve the atmosphere in educational institutions.

Though the problem is a difficult one and indiscipline is fast spreading yet it is not such as cannot be solved.

Only we need a will to solve it. Here are some suggestions which, if followed, will go a long way towards solving this problem. First, politics in every form must be kept out of schools and colleges.

Words Short Essay on indiscipline among students

Teachers too indulge in politics. They use students against each other. No one should be allowed to take part in politics. Political parties must agree that none of them would use students to achieve their political ends.

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That politics is the chief cause of student indiscipline, is clearly brought out by the fact that during the period of emergency there was complete peace in educational institutions.

Students and teachers must remain busy in their work. Student Unions should not be allowed to take the form of political parties. They must work only as literary organizations.

Words Short Essay on indiscipline among students

Only first class persons must be appointed as teachers. It is a happy sign that attention is also being paid to this aspect of indiscipline. Grades and salaries of teachers have been raised, as also their academic qualifications.Essay about campus journalism sayings memorising words essay essay on indiscipline the eu principle of subsidiarity and its the adventures of simplicius simplicissimus analysis essay associazione ricerca psicologia analytical essay causes of youth violence essay social Traffic congestion in istanbul problem solution essay.

the causes and effect of indiscipline among student in public secondary school: a case study of esan central local government area of edo state ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes and effects of indiscipline among secondary school students in Esan central Local Government Area of Edo State.

Problem of Indiscipline in School. The purpose and value of creativity in primary mathematics education Within this essay I am going to discuss the complex notion of creativity, In specific relation to creative teaching within the subject of mathematics.

It is they who Influence the immature minds of the youth and tries to mould the.

Essay on problem of indiscipline in youth

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The indiscipline and gangsterism of the campuses are part of a wider process of criminalisation of youth leading to widespread rowdyism. The tendency of law-violation is more conspicuous among educated youths than in non-literate groups.

The effects of indiscipline among the youth are manifold. Indiscipline is defined as a lack of discipline. Some of the effects of indiscipline among the youth include lack of .

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