Essay on why i love my grandparents to live with my family

Family is an important unit of society. It holds great importance in social life. It is the strongest unit of society.

Essay on why i love my grandparents to live with my family

I love my family and can do anything for my family members. They have given me so much love and affection and have made me who I am today.

I love my family more than anyone in this world. Their happiness means a lot to me and I can do anything to keep them all happy. Select any I love my family essay as per your need and interest: Short Essay on I Love My Family — Essay 1 words My family consists of six family members that include my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother and me.

We all live together in a flat that forms a part of a beautiful society located in Noida. Ours is a close knit family and that is what I love the most about it. The credit of keeping the family together and maintaining a strong bond certainly goes to my grandparents who have given such good values to us that we understand the meaning and power of living harmoniously with each other.

During the afternoon hours, I and my brother have lunch with our grandparents as our parents go for work.

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My grandmother has been taking care of us during the day time ever since I was born as my mother is working and comes home in the evening.

While I love all my family members, I share a very close bond with my grandmother. She inspires me to be a better human being.

One of the best things about her is that she manages her time extremely well and motivates us to do so too. It is because of her that I and my brother are so disciplined and good in studies as well as extra-curricular activities.

I am blessed to have such a loving and caring family. We grow up with our parents taking care of our needs, our grandparents loving us endlessly and our siblings being partners in crime in whatever we do and hence we are bound to form a deep bond with them.

My father runs a successful business and my mother is a wonderful homemaker. She looks after all our needs all day long and loves us immeasurably. She is always there for us. Whether it is helping us in studies, cooking delicious food for us or teaching us art and craft — my mother is involved in all these activities only to nurture us in the best possible way.

My father on the other hand works tirelessly to ensure we get a good lifestyle. He also makes sure that he takes us out on the weekends to spend quality time with us.

I and my sisters have a lot of fun together. We go to the same school and have a number of common friends. It is a big house with a front lawn filled with various trees and plants. I and my sisters eagerly wait for this time of the year.

I especially love playing in the front yard filled with numerous fruits and flowers. Conclusion Growing up surrounded by such loving and affectionate family is like a dream. I love them all because of their loving and caring nature. They love and care me a lot and never let me go anywhere alone.

They always remain with me in my all ups and downs. They teach me morals, etiquettes, values and importance of relationships in human life. They are strong supporter, ideal and role model of my life. My cousin has been staying with us since the last three years as his parents have shifted abroad.

Initially, their plan was to come back after two years and they did not want to change his school as there is a drastic difference between the study patterns of the two countries. This is the reason why my cousin came to stay with us. He has now become an integral part of our family. I love all my family members.

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Here is what I love about each of them: My Grandmother My grandmother cooks delicious food and makes sure we are fed with healthy and scrumptious food each day. Besides her food, I also love the bed time stories she narrates to us.Eight Reasons Why Grandparents Are Special.

Essay on why i love my grandparents to live with my family

Grandparents love getting the family together and hosting holiday parties. That's a big weight off your shoulders.

Essay on why i love my grandparents to live with my family

Hosting a riot of relatives under one roof in no mean task. My parents live miles away so we don;t have the usual grandparent experience but we are very glad to have FaceTime. AARP Michigan celebrates and reinforces the importance of grandparents each year with its “Why I Love My Grandparents” Essay Contest.

The contest is open to all Michigan students ages Deadline for entries is drawing near: August 1. Eight-year-old Brayden Gerhardt of Devils Lake submitted the top entry in AARP North Dakota’s “Why I Love My Grandparents” essay contest. His entry was submitted in the age group.

Brayden, the son of Annie and Russell Gerhardt, is a third grader at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Devils Lake. My Hero, My Grandfather My grandfather was a very loving man, he loved his family more than anything he had known.

The only thing that could compare to his love for his family, was his love for his country. Short essay on my family. Category: Essays, Paragraphs he gets an opportunity. Sometimes on holidays he takes us to the cinema. He also take interest in our education. I love my father.

My mother takes care of the house. My grandparents always praises her. She, on her part, serves them as their daughter.

I spend a lot of time with my. My Grandparents plays a major role behind the great love and intimacy in the entire family. They are considered as an idol couple in my relatives. People of all age love them and respects them a lot.

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