How fish swim essay

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How fish swim essay

Nothing special in that. The only thing is, this particular fish is dead. Yes, you read that right. No matter how lifelike it looks as it undulates across the tank, that same trout would just go belly-up if the current were switched off.

So how can it possibly swim upstream? A team of researchers from MIT and Harvard were equally surprised when they happened upon this phenomenon by accident. When they took a closer look, they were stunned.

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Immediately, the team started to investigate this new, seemingly impossible phenomenon. As it turns out, objects that block the natural flow of water, like a rock or a boat, create a series of complex vortices in the current as the water navigates the obstacle.

How fish swim essay

In certain situations, the array of vortices forming behind an obstacle cause the body and tail to flap in resonance. This tilts the body in such a way that the vortices, which cause a pressure drop, apply a suction force that propels the fish forward. Known as a "vortex street", this fluid behavior emerges at a wide range of scales—from the rivers to the skies.

Each eddy contains energy and also causes the pressure in the fluid to drop… the eddy causes the body to flap back and forth, and the fish manages to extract energy. In a world where we are always trying to improve efficiency, this discovery has obvious implications for aquatic vehicles.

In fact, Triantafyllou says that a big limiting factor in our exploration of the oceans is the fact that the robotic devices that are often employed tend to have a very short battery life, usually just 8 hours.

By creating new devices modeled after the trout, we could all but eliminate this constraint. There is, of course, a catch. This group of researchers were quite lucky to happen upon the phenomenon, because in order for the fish to extract enough energy from the current to overcome its own drag, it must be very carefully positioned: While the dead fish project was completed over a decade ago, Triantafyllou is currently working with partners Gabriel Weymouth of the University of Southampton and Jianmin Miao of the Nanyang Technological University to develop this technology—once more taking inspiration from nature.

Another approach that shows promise comes instead from the harbor seal. These predators have extremely sensitive whiskers that can detect the disturbances left by potential prey up to 30 seconds after it passes by. This work, which incorporates elements of biology, fluid mechanics, and engineering, is just one example of biomimetics, a field that has contributed innovations including Velcro and bird-safe glass.

Clearly, this treasure trove of organic ingenuity is a tremendous natural resource that we've only begun to tap. For more on this, check out our podcast and post:Fish fins provide an excellent test platform for the use of electroactive polymer actuators as the frequency of movement is typically less than 5 Hz, and fin muscle strains typically range from 2 to 10%.

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SWIMMING IN FISHES. Swimming is the most economical form of animal locomotion because the body of aquatic animals is supported by water and hence the animals do .

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What and Why. and they avoid swimming further in my direction. From time to time some fish or turtle gets spotted under these rays, but this moment lasts only a second, and than this creature dissolves in the darkness of deep water.

The salmon run is the time when salmon, which have migrated from the ocean, swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel beds. After spawning, all Pacific salmon and most Atlantic salmon die, and the salmon life cycle starts over again.

The annual run can be a major event for grizzly bears, bald eagles and sport . Near Death Experience I was on vacation in Ganapatipule, which is a town on the coast on the west side of India, situated right on the Indian Ocean.

I was with my long-time friend, Janu, and his mother, staying in a hotel for a few days.

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