How to write a letter to someone in pinellas county jail

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How to write a letter to someone in pinellas county jail

He, his younger sister, and younger brother Matt [3] were baptized Catholic. Diana instead incorporated the garbage and a dead fish he had found, referring to the beach pollution that was the topic of contemporary news stories.

Diana later related this story during his obscenity trial to illustrate his point of view that "art can be ugly and convey a message.

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He eventually came to so loathe the donating of money into collection baskets following sermons that spoke of burning in hell, his Sunday bible study class, and the denouncing of popular music among his fellow congregants that he stopped going to church by age The animus he developed toward the Roman Catholic Churchalong with the Jack Chick tracts, influenced Diana's depiction of anti-religious themes in his work.

He submitted them to horror magazines, but was met with rejection. The content of his work was often characterized by nudity, violence, caricature of the human form and scatological themes, which he says he produces in order to "open people's eyes" by shocking them. Later that year Diana created another zine called Angelfuck, which was named after a song from the Misfits album Static Ageof which he published three issues.

He then decided to do a digest size magazine, which he called Boiled Angel, [4] which also depicted such horrors as cannibalism, torture, rape and murder. They showed him a copy of that issue, told him that he was a suspect in the Gainesville case, [4] and requested a blood sample for DNA analysis.

Flores was posing as a fellow artist who had just moved to Largo from Fort Lauderdale and requested copies of Diana's books. Flores insisted in his letters that he was not a policeman, and despite declining to meet Diana in person, [4] Diana obliged him with copies of his comics.

They went to trial the following year, in March[9] in Pinellas County Court.

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Supreme Court Miller v. California ruling, the other two being an appeal to the "average" prurient interest in sex, and the lack of any artistic, literary, political, or scientific value. According to Lirot, the jury was visibly disgusted by the examples of Boiled Angel that they were made to read.

According to Diana, the jurors were asked "what their idea of art was, and one of them said 'needlepoint. Step one, you start with the drawings. Step two, you go on to the pictures. Step three is the movies. And step number four, you're into reality.

You're creating these scenes in reality. It doesn't have to accept what is acceptable in the bathhouses in San Francisco, and it doesn't have to accept what is acceptable in the crack alleys of New York. Petersburg Times and Mother Jones magazine, with the latter's Sean Henry stating that while this was the norm for murderers and drug lords, it is not so for those convicted of misdemeanors.

Fullerton explained, "I felt incarceration in jail was part of the sentence, so why not begin? He learned some good lessons. Fullerton also ordered Diana to follow a state-supervised psychiatric evaluation [5] [6] at his own expense, [4] to take an ethics-in-journalism class, and ruled that he was to submit to unannounced, warrantless searches of his personal papers by the police and deputized probation officers from the Salvation Armywhich would allow them to seize any drawings or writings.

Although such random searches during probation are typical only in drug and weapons cases, Baggish stated that it was natural to extend this for obscenity convictions, saying, "Treatment is the most important part of the sentence", and that such searches were needed to force Diana "to refrain in a rehabilitative vein from this conduct.

To cure the psychological maladjustment, [it's necessary] to catch him in his true state. It reminds you of mind control. The fact that the state doesn't like Michael Diana's attitude and will send him to experts and conduct searches is like legalized lobotomy.

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Diana is definitely the first artist who's been banned as part of his sentence. Comics writer and novelist Neil Gaiman spoke out in support of Diana, [3] and writer and theorist Scott McCloud called the inspection and seizure of Diana's personal drawings "sheer lunacy".

During that time, Diana took up painting, and he produced one for Wired magazine that depicted himself as a tiny figure in the courtroom and the judge and prosecutors as monsters surrounding him, which he jokingly suggested violated his probation.

Diana, who suspected her of inflating her bill because she knew the court had ordered him to pay for the exams, refused, and was never given the test results.

His attorney stated that Diana was unaware of the forgery and charges were dropped when Diana agreed to a pretrial probation program. During the first appeal process, the prosecution used evidence gathered after the original trial, a move that, according to the CBLDF, is usually considered unethical.

Before his probation officer quit the Salvation Army-run probation department, she told the court before that Diana had violated his probation. On June 27, the Court denied the petition without comment, effectively ending his legal options in his battle to overturn his conviction.

He also indicated a desire one day to produce a graphic novel about the court case and how his life in Florida influenced the rebellious nature of his art.

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how to write a letter to someone in pinellas county jail

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